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[RELEASE] Deimos Hangar Variant
A few months ago on the Discord, Nyctaeus created a version of the GTCv Deimos with a built-in hangar on the top of the ship. I've taken the liberty of converting it into a .pof file and adding tables for it, including a working fighterbay subsystem and flight paths, and Nyc's given permission for me to release it for general use.  :)

Additionally, the map textures of the Deimos from his NTF Reskin Pack also works flawlessly with the hangar variant. I've included screenshots of both the standard Deimos and the NTF one below the download link, as well as a link to the Reskin Pack page. Enjoy!


Deimos Hanger Variant

NTF Reskin Pack page


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Re: [RELEASE] Deimos Hangar Variant
This would be perfect for "Homesick".
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Re: [RELEASE] Deimos Hangar Variant
Nice to see it finally converted ... Still, I think, I prefer the original "mission pod"-variant just because it makes the variants more visually distinct.
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