Author Topic: Aadash is late. Speculation  (Read 3206 times)

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Aadash is late. Speculation
Aadarsh is late making

His posts are on saturdays like clock work. He's now over 4 hours late, even allowing for different time zones.

Any theories on why he's late?

Maybe GTI discovered his leak and now he's on the run.

..Or maybe Goober (whom i suspect is the true poster behind Aadarsh) cant get access to the internets  ;)
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Re: Aadash is late. Speculation
Or maybe we've reached the end of the game?


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Re: Aadash is late. Speculation
Or he's been assasinated!
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Re: Aadash is late. Speculation
maybe there is nothing for us on this saturday.
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Re: Aadash is late. Speculation
Maybe Isaac finally got my message and figured out who the leak was and killed him.

Maybe GTI got suspicious because of all the access attempts to the restricted section after last week's post, figured out who aadarsh was, and killed him.

Maybe aadarsh realized that the GTI cannot be defeated, turned himself in, and they killed him.

So many ways this could have ended well...
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Re: Aadash is late. Speculation
Or perhaps he's preparing to send us the mother-of-all-spoilers-and-secrets ? :) Be optimistic, people !
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