Author Topic: FreeSpace Port problems =(  (Read 1385 times)

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FreeSpace Port problems =(
Hello all,

Trying to figure out this port and all, but when I play campaign I cant select all the guns cause they wont support it, so is there a way I can enable for all guns or the correct guns and plane to be selected, cause I thought the Loki was first original one you start off with against the vasudans and such..


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FreeSpace Port problems =(
Nope, the Apollo is the one you stat off with. Also, which weapons are available? At the start of FS1, you're a new pilot, so you're only authorized to use the ML-16, the MX 50 and the Fury - you get more weapons as the campaign progresses.
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FreeSpace Port problems =(
Yea you are right its the Apollo... oopsie hehehehe, Loki sorta looked like the Apollo, or so I thought, but now me having trouble with the port stil... I got the Apollo by the tables of the ships, but the weapons  I cant select =(......... do I need to table of the weapons and if so would they be in the FS1 CD?


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FreeSpace Port problems =(
You don't need to do anything other than put the port vp in the game direcotry, and remove any other mod files from the data folders (except for effects and whatnot that you may have replaced) Everything you need to play it is there.
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