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I have the FS1 port for FS2 with the missions and comand briefings and stuff.

But is it possible to get the music and cut scenes from the original game to use in the port version?

If this is possible could some one point out where i could get them, it would make the port that much better.

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Yes, it's basically a bunch of table edits, of course you've got to have the music from the original.  Look in the Freespace Port sub-forum, or failing that ask GalEmp.
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I realy wish they'd do that, it sort of defetes the point of a port if you don't use the origonal data
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What is this all about?  Of course the original stuff is available.  It's on the Port website.

And this is in the wrong forum.


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Think he means music, interface, stuff like that. It's jsut not the same.

Although the SCP makes it much better looking.


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They're right there on the downloads page!

Music: WAVs and table
Interface: hi-res interface and hi-res ship textures

So what on Earth is the problem?  Did you honestly even bother to look on the website? :rolleyes: :hopping:

Honestly, if I get many more idiotic questions like this I'm going to stop answering them. :mad:


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Aaaaaaand moved. :)
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