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i've gotten this problem before in regular FSOpen, but managed to fix it's happening in my FS1 port campaign...

the lighting and all looks great, but the alpha/environment mapping is messing up, so that  the entire ship is reflecting the's aggravating

now, the bigger ships dont seem to be doing it...just the fighter size ones

the port is installed in it's own little folder...i believe i have everything set up right, but obviously, something is awry



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Port shinemaps are probably overriding the shinemaps from mv_textures, and since they almost certainly don't have an alpha channel, they're full-reflective.  I'd extract the port tables and put a copy of mv_models and mv_textures in that folder and make sure they get loaded first (i.e. have a name lexographically less than the port VP) so that you get the graphical goodies to override port files.

This would actually qualify as a port bug, but I think it's a little beyond the scope of their problems.  The non-FS2 ships are still going to have issues with shinemaps though, so you would have to manually add an alpha channel to all of those.  The better solution may be to just use -env instead of -alpha_env
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thanks for the tip, i'll give all that a try

could you point me to where i might learn to make alpha maps for ships?  :)