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Which variety of English should we use?

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I am just wondering. In the Star Wars Wiki, there is a rule to use American English (which I usually ignore :p). I think we should have an agreement on this, because I edited Black Wolf's manoevrability to maneuverability and he changed it back. What you need to know is that Australian English basically demands British orthography, so BW was correct on it, in a way. I know that I had been using British spelling and punctuation so far and many of you know American English better. So I think we should write in American English to make it the easiest for most of you and keep things in order. I am quite capable of checking spelling and punctuation, since this is what I study at University.

Any comments?

I don't think it really matters. It depends entirely on the writer, and there really aren't that many differences. The maneuverability spelling is really the most drastic, but colour is really only one letter longer than color.

Again, I'm very much against a) too many rules and b) trying to derive anything for this Wiki from the Star Wars wiki.  They are two different animals.  I personally don't think it matters much, but more people know how to write in "American" english than know how to correctly use "British" english so, like the internet, American should be the defacto standard at least.

If there is a rule then American English should be used, as it's the internet standard and FS2 itself uses it, but it shouldn't be a big deal to have both used for different articles.

how about do something as follows:



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