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So I jumps into the new Port and fires up my favourite mission...

The Lucifer just arrived! We're getting pounded hard!

We can't take many more hits!

Clear the area, we're not going to make it!

I know the messages don't match up, but, meh  ;7


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Verrrry nice. That was definitely one of my favorite FS1 missions too. :)
Spoon - I stand in awe by your flawless fredding. Truely, never before have I witnessed such magnificant display of beamz.
Axem -  I don't know what I'll do with my life now. Maybe I'll become a Nun, or take up Macrame. But where ever I go... I will remember you!
Axem - Sorry to post again when I said I was leaving for good, but something was nagging me. I don't want to say it in a way that shames the campaign but I think we can all agree it is actually.. incomplete. It is missing... Voice Acting.
Quanto - I for one would love to lend my beautiful singing voice into this wholesome project.
Nuclear1 - I want a duet.
AndrewofDoom - Make it a trio!