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to Gregster2k:

When I was doing that mission with cruisers (FS1), I've ordered my wing to ignore Ramses. Taranis has jumped in, but he attacked the Aten only after my "attack my target" command.

EDIT to post below: It was FS1, but that "bug" isn't fixed in FSOpen IIRC.
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What build was that?

I had some other wingman help destroy the engines, and it stoped it right before crashing into the Galetae. Now when I'm in the mission where I have to destroy the 4 freighters without destroying the cargo they are carrying, the game crashes to desktop right after command tells me to destroy the freighters. Does it everytime at that exact point.

Try it again, bug use a debug build, and post whatever error messages (if any) it gives you.

i have the same problem. i tried the debug build, but as soon as the game crashed the debug spew closes. also, it doesnt crash after it tells you to destroy the freighters. it crashed once the game time hits a certain mark


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The debug spew is also stored in a file with the exe called "fs.log" open that up. Also, if there was an error logged to clipboard, open a blank notepad and select "Paste" from the menu and post that too.
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