Author Topic: "Where Eagles Dare" campaign crashes  (Read 1981 times)

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"Where Eagles Dare" campaign crashes
Hi guys, I hate to but you but I am currently having a problem with the "where Eagles dare" campaign.  I have been playing through FS1 and all has been going well until I got to this campaign.  Whenever the program tries to load the campaign it crashes to a generic windows “program crashed” error, not a more specific FS error.  I can load the mission through the mission simulator but then I won’t get the command briefings and I miss out on the wonderful storyline, which this is the first time playing through FS1.

Freespace 2 SCP (Complete) Packed by Shivan_SPS
And installed the

I put those both into the FS_port_freespace_1_MOD though I may have missed a step?

This is also the file that came with the Shivan_SPS pack fs2_open_r-20060125.exe
I’m hopping to download the 1.5 version of the pack as soon as its available but that may be a while.

Computer info
Windows XP MCE
AMD Athlon 64, 3500+
Integrated Audio
And integrated ATI EXPRESS 200 video, which seems to be working, using Direct X for FS_OPEN, openGL dies.

Any advice on how to continue on past this bug would be appreciated, and PLEASE link to the files because I am having a hard time finding files that people reference on the forum.

AGAIN Thanks for all the great work!  :D


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Re: "Where Eagles Dare" campaign crashes

I'm not sure what to tell you; if it doesn't give you an error message, it's not very helpful unfortunately.


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Re: "Where Eagles Dare" campaign crashes
Try running a debug (d- instead of r-) build
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Re: "Where Eagles Dare" campaign crashes
Try running a debug (d- instead of r-) build
Ok where do I find these debug bulds?

EDIT:  Ok I finally found them...
I installed the fs2_open_r_20060425_Kara.exe
And it seems to be working, it loads the mission fine.  Though it goes strait into flight briefing so im assuming that there is no regular brefing before that.  Will report back if more problems.
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