Author Topic: So I finally played FSPort...  (Read 1600 times)

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So I finally played FSPort...
Grabbed one of the latest fs2_open cvs's, the latest mediavp's and fsport vp's and my god, was I in for a treat. Playing the original campaign since only god knows how many years it was truly awesome with all these new details. I never knew the original FS1 music was that good until now. Only problem is that my joystick is too sensitive even with the lowest possible sensitivity setting, but that's not FSPort problem. :)

Thanks guys for this great treat, you rock. :)


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Re: So I finally played FSPort...
You're welcome.  Thanks for the kind words. :)


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Re: So I finally played FSPort...

Wow, it sure is. Now if you guys could only lend your magic to such gems as Sol : A History (Shadow already halfway did it I guess) and bring them up to the quality of Derelict and Freespace Port, which are by far the two best looking campaigns, even beating the main campaign out, my life would be complete...
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