Author Topic: Port lacks OGL envmapping?  (Read 1690 times)

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Port lacks OGL envmapping?
Having recently reinstalled FS2, I was surprised to see that FSP seems to lack the coloured envmapping that vanilla and various other mods have.  I'm not sure why this should be so, but in the FS1 campaign nebulas do not 'colour' the hulls of ships.  This particular envmapping occurs in all other SCP games I've tried so far.


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Re: Port lacks OGL envmapping?
Have you tried any other full-out mods? (vanilla refers to non SCP Freespace BTW)


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Re: Port lacks OGL envmapping?
Actually, i've run across this before.  for some reason some of the ship's textures don't work as they should in the FSPort. What i did was move the textures from the mv_textures model and stuck them in FSPort/data/maps. That worked for me.

Moving the cubemap.vp to the FSPort folder might work too.
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Re: Port lacks OGL envmapping?
Yeah, I thought of moving the cubemap and tex myself, but I'm not at home atm.  Since the envmap works fine off all regular mods (campaigns etc), I was surprised that FSP had strangeness.  I don't know how the nebula envmapping even works, so I wouldn't know if the problem was in textures, or missions, or what.


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Re: Port lacks OGL envmapping?
Envmapping will only work on ships that have shinemaps so be sure that you have good shinemaps before thinking it's just an envmap problem.  The FSPort models that I've seen which are the hi-poly ones work ok with envmapping.  Other FSPort models don't have working envmaps, but then I don't have the shinemaps installed either.

The default cubemap is really only needed if your video card can't make envmaps itself.  It's also used in the techroom and lab if you go to those before playing a mission.  After you play a mission it will just use the envmap made from that mission.

Re: Port lacks OGL envmapping?
After messing around a bit, I think it's actually the missions.

Envmapping works fine: I can see the reflections of nebulae etc in the shiny parts of objects.  However, the only light in the scene seems to come from the star, whereas in many other campaigns/missions the nebulae cast red, green or whatever light too.  I don't know how FRED works, so maybe the FSPort missions aren't designed with nebulae illuminating anything?