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Files needed to run FS port
I think I downloaded all the necessary files such as the sparky for FS1 and the FS port 3.0.3 and the mission pack.  How do I get the launcher to recognize them when I put them into a fsport folder in the Freespace 2 directory?



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Re: Files needed to run FS port
got to use a mod.ini... like so :

modname      = Freespace 1 v3.03;
image255x112 = portv3.bmp;
infotext     = Freespace 1 Era Campaign. This is a brand spanking new version of the Freespace Port that has been rebuilt from the ground up to provide you with the best possible Freespace 1 experience. We've abandoned the attempt to keep the Port compatible with the main Freespace 2 campaign (considering the now-common use of the -mod feature and the fact that several ship stats changed between FS1 and FS2) and turned it into its own separate mod.  We've re-imported the original tables and missions from FS1 with the absolute minimum changes necessary to get them working in FS2.  It's just about as close as you can get to playing FS1 without actually playing FS1. ;
website      =;
forum        =,39.0.html;

secondrylist = ,mediavps;
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Re: Files needed to run FS port
I got it to work except for the cutscenes.  How do I put those into the port?



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Re: Files needed to run FS port
Leave em in the root FS2 folder i believe, (tradition dictates they go into a movies folder) but i heard recently that they go in the Root folder. (same as the .exe)

If this is incorrect please amend.


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Re: Files needed to run FS port
Create a folder in your freespace port mod folder/data folder called movies



and put them there! :D

Not hard eh!
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