Author Topic: "Out of the Darkness, Into the Night"  (Read 2130 times)

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"Out of the Darkness, Into the Night"
The mission with GTSC Plato w/ Avenger prototype, first player encounter with Shivans.

The Shivans are targetable, they shouldn't be. 'nuff said.
Less cut-and-dry: the first wing of Vasudans (Aries?) really demolishes my wing, resulting in Delta reinforcements being auto-called in.  I suspect that the Osiris bomber has Prometheus turrets...

Using FSPort 3.0.3 with FSOpen 3.6.9-RC7 and mediaVPs.  I originally had the mVPs in their own mod folder, but I copypasta'd them into the main directory in order for the graphical goodies to be used with FSPort.  Before that, neither of the above two issues were present.


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Re: "Out of the Darkness, Into the Night"
Aries should be extremely powerful because they're armed with ML-16s instead of VLLs.


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Re: "Out of the Darkness, Into the Night"
The bomber is armed with a prometheus... it's like that in the original too.


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Re: "Out of the Darkness, Into the Night"
nvm, on the second thing, i was thinking it was more pronounced when using SCP features, but its probably just my imagination.