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FSPort installation help request

I expect this has come up before, however I can't really seem to find a detailed guide especially as I know nothing about working with mods, so I'm hoping I could get some help.

I ahve the retail version of Freespace 1 and Freespace 2, and I have installed Freespace 2 and will soon install Freespace Open to get the updated graphcis and whatnot.
I have heard that I can use FSPort to take the files from Freespace 1 and put them into the Freespace 2 install with Freespace Open so I can play all of FS1 with the updated graphics offered to me by FSO.

However, I have no idea how to actually do this with FSPort, so if possible could I be linked a post or article explaining how to do this or be told how to do it in this topic.
As I said before I know nothing about the mods so I'd appreciate it as simple as possible.

Thank you in advance for this, and I apologise if this cannot be done with this mod and I have wasted your time.


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Re: FSPort installation help request

Did you read the readme file included with the Port?