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Oh that. Just park way out from both cruisers, hammer any Shivan fighters that get too close, and wait for the Taranis to destroy the Ramses. You could alternatively hammer the Ramses during the moments before the Taranis arrives, making it easier for the Taranis to destroy the Ramses.

The way to beat that mission is rather simple, kill eeryone except the ramses, destroy the cargo, when taranis jumps in... leave.

The Taranis doesn't seem to attack the Ramses... It just kinda floats there.  Should I just send my wing away before they all get killed after we get rid of the initial Vasudans?

What just happened here?

Ehrm, okay. You just have to destroy all cargo and shivan fighters, and jump out... the mission will be acomplished.

what was command planning for alpha one to do when he got into the fighter bay anyway?

Oh, right, command doesn't think.

Actually, Command thought you could stay out of trouble in the Fighterbay of the lucifer until your jumpdrive came back up
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Lol I think the reference is from some movie about a guy who was really smart and could predict earthquakes because of a brain tumor, and he was the help that people got for a Portuguese kid who fell out of a tree or something, and this guy read a textbook and learned fluent Portuguese on the car ride to the kid (as I said, VERY smart).  Could be wrong though on intended reference, but it can be referring to that.

The film in question is "Phenomenon" starring John Travolta. And no that's not the reference he meant. It's a reference to either a mission in the game or some other campaign, (possibly DEM or JAD1, 2 or 3)????
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