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I think I found an error in the Port with the Vasudan Pylons and Shi Extension. I couldn't scan them and I was playing Blaise Russel's Shivan campaign. It's in its own directory and the scan icon was not where it was supposed to be. :(
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I think i found a error in the Port with the Fishys wuvers Pylons and Shi Extension.

wtf? can someone translate that?
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I think he's talking about a mission where you have to scan the vasudan pylons in a campaign. IIRC you don't actually have to scan them in the traditional sense, I think you just fly to them and hang around for a bit.

Honestly, just because YOU are having a problem with it doesn't mean that there's an "error" that the FSport guys need to look at, after all, many others have beaten that mission mine, myself included. It's most likley not an error, it's either that you screwed up in the mission or have something installed incorrectly. I just can't stand how so many people accuse the SCP people of screwing up when it's their own fault.

Try flying up to the pylons as if you were to scan them and wait there, that's how I remember doing it.
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I think it's an understandable question


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Sorry for dig up necro post, but i have this problem too.Flying around inside and outside to the pylons C1,C2,D1,D2 just do nothing, this is painfull... always have problem with directive "inspect<something>"
Can somebody help me out?

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What if ?


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Hm, curious. Let me try this myself.

EDIT: Well, I can't scan them. I thought maybe it's because they're flagged as Drydocks, but they've been that way ever since they were first put into the tables.

I would recommend asking Blaise Russel about this, and see what dataset he was using when he made the mission and what's changed (in the code, in ships.tbl, or in the mission itself) since then.
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Blaise Russel is not active since August 20, 2007r...
...but any way i try to reach him somehow.
What if ?


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Download this patch and place it to your FSPort folder.
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But finally i make it...
I dont know how, but in desperation i engaged  shivans and in furrball close to that pylons, objective complete window pop up appears on display.
What if ?