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ARG! Rotating objects

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Sounds like fun.  I guess you have your work cut out for you.

--- Quote ---Originally posted by Bobboau:
so basicly Lights are used by Cob2fs2 to maintain the higherarcy.
--- End quote ---

I see! Thanks for that  

I will stick to rendering for now.  

Thanks for all the help!  I finally redid the model and got the rotating objects working.  Here are a few images.  It is the GTM Obassi
This is a size comparsion.  It is the 2nd to last on the right.  

United Space
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Robin Varley:
That looks really good, it'll be nice to have a large none military ship.

What is that red ship?,

(looks again)

hey whats the ship in the middle too?

More mods yet to come The red one is a Cv the one in the middle is a frieghter and there is a small frieghter in next to that


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