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ARG! Rotating objects

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Robin Varley:
You'll need to specify the object that's rotating in the ships.tbl entry for that ship as a subsystem, eg:

$radar 1.0 0.0 (I think this is right)

The first number is the percentage of damage of the hitpoints for the ship that the radar in this cas can take, the second number is speed at which it rotates - though I think thats only for turrets, radars and such use the info you've put in FSMM2 for that object.

Look at the entry for the Orion, it's got references to the large rotating radars on it, hope that helps.

--- Quote ---Originally posted by Robin Varley:
Look at the entry for the Orion, it's got references to the large rotating radars on it, hope that helps.
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This is a good example of one of the most efficient ways to learn the ways of modding - if you can't get something to work, find a place where it works, and copy it, adjusting it to your needs.   Weapon modders would die without that  

The model is currently 1200 polys, it will be 1300 when the model is done, will it still work?

If so than can't I make LODs to fasten the game up? how do I do those?

Thanks all for the help

Oh and can I make a rotating object  inside the other object? but have it stick out?

BTW_The colossus is almost 2000 polys, I will easily be able to do a model that has 1400 poly with LODS right?

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Robin Varley:
i think most of the destroyers in FS2 are around 1300 or so poly's so you should be ok,  to make LODs you have to name the object that's gonna be the LOD detaila for the first level after the close up one ( you want it fairly similar to main one cos this is the one that appears in your target window ) and then detailb, detailc for the other two.

Now the question is, are you using Truspace?, because I know to get the model to work you have to have the bits and pieces in the right order or hierachy you can find out your current hierachy in truspace ( at least in truespace 2 anyway ) by looking at the animation properties box.  You want the order going down the screen to look something like this:

(shields go here)

don't panic if the're not in order, it's easy to correct, simply save each individual bit as a seperate object, then open a new scene an load them up in the right order starting with the hull. ( That last bit took me a few months to think of, and it was a right hassle sorting it out I tell you - just proves simple ideas aren't always the first you think of. )

You then have to open the saved object/scene in a hex editor and do a ANSI search for detaila and change it to detail1 - do this for the others then save the changes.

Then hopefully when COB2POF runs it should make them LODs - you can easily check using segultech

Note, that you might be able to name them detail1 etc, straight away if you've got truspace 4, to check, once you renamed select a different object and then go back if it's now called detail,1 you will have to call it detaila and do the hex editing, which isn't that difficult really, just remember to make lots of copies of your work before you do anything you're not sure about.

oh, and then of course you have to specify the LODs in the ships table entry under detail distance simply copy those form another ship which is of a similar size.

I think my fingers are about to drop off...


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