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--- Quote ---Originally posted by Setekh:
Artimus has a lot of these, and had a very impressive look at the design concepts etc.

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I'll see what I can do... All design trates are based on the FS2 era ships. Freighters, and teh Myrmadon and Ulyssies we not concidered when comming up with these.



Have two distinct sections, connected by a smaller "neck."
Blunt nose
Rear section is larger than the front section. Aeolus is an exception from this.
Ships have someting hanging from them on the bottom
All three major sections have negines on them.


Have obvious sections to them-ex. a nose, wings, engines.
The cockpit is in the nose, and located at the front of the front of the fighter.
Engines are in pairs, and in the rear.
No parts extend beyond the nose.
The fighter gets bigger moving from front to back.
Weapons in pairs

More as I remember them.

ok to clear things up

you should (IMHO) use a combonation of fuseing edges and the polygon draw tool to make your model out of triangles as the triangulate buton often makes assemetric alterations to the geometry and often screws up the UV space.

badly done boulians are when you take two very complicated peaces of geometry and boulian them together without caring about the little problems they cause, like verts in the middle of faces and edges that have no indication other than screwing up the faces and just not looking "clean". and not even atempting to fix these problems


UV maping is one of those things you can't realy explain to someone in a one way conversation. basicly you have to select a bunch of faces and use the UV per face tool to move there position on the texture map. you need the UVunwraper from Primative Itch if you don't want to work blind.

your idea of multable subobjects==corect
though there are some interesting thing you can do with multable subobjects, I've seen peopl take two spheres and some cubes and glue them together and call it a ship.

Bobboau, bringing you products that work.............. in theory

Robin Varley:
Thank you for your help, I have to say i'm guilty of using the triangulate button and I have seen it do some screwy thing to models.

That UV unmapper is what I need, thanks again, it's going to be very useful.

I've noticed that on several Volition ships they have non triangulated faces, however these faces are always square or rectangular and only ever on a major axis, ie up, down, left or right.  Any views on that? They work fine in game obviously.

I'm sure they would work, but the main problem with rectangular faces is that they can be deformed if you do not put all four vertices in the same plane. That cannot happen with triangles.

Beyond Earth Campaign

The truth is out there...

Robin Varley:
Your right, that'll be why they are only for flat bits.


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