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It's up to the project to decide who they want on their team. As far as I'm concerned the only reason the admin should ever interfere is if they feel that a team are giving out positions just cause they want their friends to have an extra badge. Beyond that it's the projects job to decide who is a waste of space and who isn't nor mine.

But it should be legitimate to ask since, as far as I know, Administrators care about the progress and the eventual death of a project.

The admins are not your parents.  If a project is dying, we are not going to take over and do it ourselves; that's stupid.  We'll just archive it or delete it.

We may allow new project leaders to take over from where the old project left off, but then it becomes the new leader's responsibility.

Oh well...

ok let me set this straight for my small insignificant mind thats having a hard time processing all this
if i want to create a campaign put it on HLP see what all you guys think etc etc i need to do everything this
policy says
simple yes or no answer is cool


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