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Firstly, excellent mod!

Just got back into all things Freespace, and used Tureys superb installer to gather all the goodness.

All things seem to work no problem, tested a few mods out, all was well, improved graphics are wonderful, no glitches anywhere....Soooo, decided to start back at the beginning, work through Freespace1, then onto 2, then all the other lovely mods.

Worked through Freespace1 to the second set of training missions (I think its labelled advanced training) - the training works on using missiles. Only the ship provided for me doesn't have missiles equipped!

Sorry I cant provide more info on the exact training mission - I skipped em to carry on playing the main missions, once I realised they were broken...

I'm assuming a couple of things - Tureys installer means I have all the latest versions (3.0.4 for FSPort), and that someone might have encountered this before?

Any help would be appreciated - like i say, the training missions can be skipped, but it would be nice to be able to play the whole thing as it was meant to be... :)


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This issue pops up at least once a month. The original mission is flawed. There are some fixed versions somewhere but whether they work or not depends highly on the position of the stars and planets. It'll be a lot easier if you just skip it. It's just one training mission after all. They just teach you how to use aspect-seeking missiles and a few things concerning shields.
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Aaah - thanks very much!

Me bad for not searching for some answers first, before posting away... ;)

Cheers for taking the time to answer anyways...!