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mission 4: on the run problem
i'm not sure if this is an actual error, as i never played ST,  and don't know the mission i'm having difficulty with

after the scientists have been evacuated from the ratna, the vasudan transport docks and tows the ratna further away from where it started. after around 10 mins stops as has got to its waypoint. but after this nothing happens. from reading the briefing i thought some ships were supposed to jump in and repair the engines, but this hasnt happened after a good five mins after the ratna reaches its waypoint, getting bored i warped out, thinking the mission had ended as no additional information came from my wingmen or command

 i installed STR using turey's installer and have
Code: [Select]
primarylist = fsport-mediavps;
secondarylist = fsport,mediavps;
in my mod.ini (posted as i have heard of issues with this mission and the mediaVPS.)

any help would be welcome


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Re: mission 4: on the run problem
...okay, I could be wrong, but I don't think you're playing Silent Threat Reborn. That sounds like original Silent Threat. Which sucks.


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Re: mission 4: on the run problem
yep. should have checked in the campain room before playing, but i assumed it would be selected by default. thanks for the help


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Re: mission 4: on the run problem
Such errors are why we made ST:R in the first place.
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