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A Different Issue with 'Betrayed'.
Well, first off, I have to say ST:R is/was pretty awesome, and would like to offer my appreciation to all who worked on it. :yes:

I've had no real problems(other than the fact that I've been doing it on Hard :p), up until 'Betrayed'. I successfully chewed through the waves of GTI Hercs, Lokis, and the two Leviathans, on two occasions, leaving two and then three escape pods alive(the cruisers usually warp in almost on top of them).

The problem is that escape pods (at least seemingly)numbered 6 or higher will enter the Soyakaze's bay, and come to a dead stop, preventing the mission from proceeding further. The second time, Pod 5 apparently entered fine(according to the F4 event log), but 6 and 7 seem to be parked up against the bay's inner wall. I believe 6 and 7(or 6 and 8) were the survivors the first time, and also came to a stop inside the bay.

On one occasion, all the escape pods were destroyed, and after a little while, the Soyakaze gave it's "We can't afford to stick around here any longer" message, and left, also giving the Return to Base goal(oddly, the Protect Escape Pods goal never went red). Don't know if it's relevant, but I thought I'd mention it,

I'm using 3.6.10 final, the FSPort MediaVPs, and the 3.6.10 Media VPs(Core, Assets, Effects, Music and the patch).

ST:R folder's mod.ini:
Code: [Select]
primarylist = fsport-mediavps;
secondarylist = fsport,mediavps;
AFAIK, they match the release thread.

My launcher flags, if useful:
Code: [Select]
E:\DESCENT\FreeSpace2\fs2_open_3_6_10.exe -mod fsport-mediavps,fsport_str,fsport,mediavps -spec -glow -mipmap
-nomotiondebris -missile_lighting -3dshockwave -dualscanlines -rearm_timer -ballistic_gauge -ship_choice_3d -weapon_choice_3d
 -3dwarp -novbo -disable_fbo -no_glsl  -ambient_factor 35 -ogl_spec 20 -spec_exp 15 -spec_point 1.2 -spec_static 1.5
-spec_tube 1.5
(A little explanation: my computer's a little on the old side(*coughW98SE, Radeon 9800cough*), so I found I needed to use some of the OpenGL disable flags in the Troubleshooting section, or else large ships and fighters would start to slowly morph into strange, pointy eldrich abominations as any given mission would go on, but I digress...)

I have completed the entire (ST:R)campaign once already with 3.6.9 on Direct3D(obviously, without the FSPort Mediavps, as they require 3.6.10), with no such issues, so I'm not quite sure what to make of this(hopefully, it has nothing to do with my outdated hardware). I don't recall for sure how many or which pods survived that time, so it's possible I might have lucked out in having just the 'right' pods happen to die.

Oh, and just in case I've brought up a possible question, there: No, I am not using any of my 3.6.9 pilot files(cloned the options to a new pilot, then manually moved all the old pilot files out of the folder), and I am using a different pilot file for each different mod/campaign. Not sure if it's relevant to this kind of issue or not, but I thought I'd try to cover all the bases. :)


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Re: A Different Issue with 'Betrayed'.
(*coughW98SE, Radeon 9800cough*)

* Goober5000 high fives Timerlane

The mediaVPs could be the culprit.  Is the Soyakaze using the old Orion model or the new one?  The new one may have different hangar paths.


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Re: A Different Issue with 'Betrayed'.
Retail. I thought I might have to check again to be absolutely sure, but I remember it had the old-style font nameplate, and I remember noting(from wondering if I could wander into the bay and give the pods a nudge to the back or something), that there were no animated 'runway' light glowmaps, as I'm used to from the HTL Orion.

I was also using the regular 3.6.10 Mediavps with 3.6.9(the FSWiki didn't seem to say expressly not to, and I had no main FS2 campaign mission bugs that an extract with VPView/open-save with Fred2 Open 3.6.9/place in mediavps\data\missions\ didn't automatically fix).

Maybe I'll try invincible-cheating the pods to see if my pod # theory actually has any merit(seems a little silly in retrospect to declare a 'theory' from only two actual 'relevant' test runs :blah:).

EDIT: That's weird. If I give invincibility to all the pods(about when the Soyakaze jumps in), everything works fine(all pods are collected(1,2,4,3,5,6,7,8 order), Soyakaze jumps out). But, on yet another 'normal' run, I had pod 8(the lone survivor) just sit out in space on the 'runway', well outside the bay.
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Re: A Different Issue with 'Betrayed'.
Goober, why does ST:R use the retail Orion? I noticed that as well, though I never had any problem with that mission.
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Re: A Different Issue with 'Betrayed'.
why does ST:R use the retail Orion?
Retail FS2 compatibility.
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Re: A Different Issue with 'Betrayed'.
Only partly.  They would ordinarily be mediaVP-compatible, and thus the high-polied Orions when the mediaVPs are active, like the Faustus and all other nameplated ships.  But this relies on a FSO feature that's been delayed.


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Re: A Different Issue with 'Betrayed'.
What feature is that, anyway?
If you don't have Knossos, you need it.

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Re: A Different Issue with 'Betrayed'.
Texture replacement that works on ships.tbl entries, not only in missions.