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Re: My problem with the FSPort...

Hey guys. Been thinking about the original idea, was bored, so I made that.

Basically, its a mod with all FS1 and FS2 ships (you obviously need an Inferno build to run it). The interesting part, is that I didn't copied a single model/texture/whatever asset to do it. It is only a buch of tbls and tbms, which means that the mod is just about 500ko big. Yeah, you heard it, no file duplication. You just need to have the mediavps, fsport and fsport mediavps installed to run it.

I tried to make it compatible with both FSPort and FS2 campaigns, but it seems to be impossible because I can't have both FS1 and FS2 medals. Because of that, I made two versions, a FS1-compatible and a FS2-compatible. As I was at it, I adjusted both versions to the era they are supposed to stick in, which mean that for example, a Fenris will have only blobs in the FS1-compatible and will have its beams in the FS2-compatible version.

Free to use and to modify. I don't know if it will be of some use or not, but some people might be interested in it.
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