Author Topic: Warship Gauntlet; is the Lucifer killable?  (Read 2352 times)

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Warship Gauntlet; is the Lucifer killable?
I played through the warship gauntlet for a laugh (Fact: Sekhmet + Prom A + Harbinger = Epic Win :cool:) and made it all the way to the Lucifer, but it seemed there was no way to kill it even if you went for the reactors (any attacks just hit the shields). Is there some trick to beating it or is it meant to be unkillable? :confused:
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Re: Warship Gauntlet; is the Lucifer killable?
Ah, the FSPort's shielded Lucifer.
I don't know, but maybe S-Breakers (and a rubber band on the trigger) would help.


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Re: Warship Gauntlet; is the Lucifer killable?
Oh right, retail has the shielded Lucifer, doesn't it? I guess it is unkillable.
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Re: Warship Gauntlet; is the Lucifer killable?
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Re: Warship Gauntlet; is the Lucifer killable?
I got all the way up to it, fair and square, with a full-Harbinger Ursa, then cheated in SSLs(will hit hard enough to drain the shields), then played around with SSLBeams(pierces the shields and eventually just kills Lucy outright, as you'd expect).

I wasn't sure if there was supposed to be a trick or not.


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Re: Warship Gauntlet; is the Lucifer killable?
Well, it's got 800k hitpoints.  Pound on it long enough and you'll destroy it.

That, of course, assumes that it has neither invulnerable shielding nor the invulnerable ship flag.

We should probably also add a self-destruct event if the player is clever enough to destroy the reactors.


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Re: Warship Gauntlet; is the Lucifer killable?
The problem, I would assume, is that it also has 800000 shields and the fact that bombs do nothing against shields. Perhaps the shield system could be disabled in that mission so it would act like a retail, non-shielded lucifer.