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Excuse the stupid question but....
Excuse the stupid question but.... If I Select the FSPort folder as the mod I want to play: I play FSport with 3.6.10 Medisvps. And If I select the FSPort_mediavps folder: Then I play with 3.6.12 Medisvps.  But Would I have to move the campaigns over to the FSPort_mediavps folder for the launcher to see them? Or will the campaigns in the FSport folder be available even if I select the FSport_medisvps folder?
 The Last FSport I plated was fsport3_0_4. So Sorry I am so out of touch with this.


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Re: Excuse the stupid question but....
Hi there Mr. Thunder.

It's very simply actually. If you have everything installed correctly and you select just FSPort in the Launcher, then you will play "retail" Freespace 1. However, if you select FSPort_MediaVPs then you will play with the 3.6.12 MediaVPs. You shouldn't have to move anything around either.
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Re: Excuse the stupid question but....
Thanks. I going to try it.