Author Topic: Bug /oversight / mistake / feature in 'Where Eagles Dare' ?  (Read 1379 times)

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Bug /oversight / mistake / feature in 'Where Eagles Dare' ?
I don't know if this has been reported yet, it didn't turn up using the more obvious search terms, but if it has I apologise in advance.

In the mission "Where Eagles Dare", the one where you raid a secondary HoL supply depot, both of the escaping Isis transports appear to have beam turrets, which I'm fairly certain didn't exist at this point :P

The mission doesn't seem to be affected, they're still as pissweak as they always are, it's just a little odd.
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Re: Bug /oversight / mistake / feature in 'Where Eagles Dare' ?
It's a known issue that has already been reported. Turrets on some ships are shown as Beam turrets on your HUD while they're actually not. Don't remember where was that thread, and no idea whether it has been fixed or not, but don't worry, they're not really equipped with beam turrets.
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Re: Bug /oversight / mistake / feature in 'Where Eagles Dare' ?

It is, if I recall correctly, an FS2 code bug where an "empty" turret still shows "something" and that "something" happens to just be "beam"

Not really an issue, I think there is some work being done on that, but it hasn't been committed yet because there is still some discussion about "Should it then be made Untargetable"? (but then what happens if it's a "stealth" turret that gets SEXP assigned a weapon?) or do we stuff an "Empty" into the display?

Good eye for catching that and reporting it though. It's glad to know it wasn't just shrugged off, but followed up on. Please, continue with any more that you find.
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Re: Bug /oversight / mistake / feature in 'Where Eagles Dare' ?
I remember seeing that the Neptune(the countermeasures training Leviathan) had a beam turret; just thought I'd chip that in since (presumably) most people skip the training missions.