Author Topic: Can someone please reupload the cutscenes from FS1?  (Read 1083 times)

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Can someone please reupload the cutscenes from FS1?
Seems I can't download them. If someone has a link to them, please post, otherwise do upload them, those who have them for us who don't yet.

Thanks. Also, a very late

for recreating one of the best games out there, or rather for bringin it up to speed with today's PC's.

Let's face it, nowadays not many newcomers here would bother with the graphics that  :v-old: released the game with back in 1999.
Who knows? We might even get to them after all, so that more can appreciate the accomplishment that  :v: started and the team has been working on ever since.
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Re: Can someone please reupload the cutscenes from FS1?
The links are here.

Scroll down to 'Downloads' and click on the link to 'Movies', then unzip and place odeon.vp into your freespace2/fsport directory.
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