Author Topic: Can't seem to survive the end of "Playing Judas"  (Read 1176 times)

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Can't seem to survive the end of "Playing Judas"
Hi everyone,
Has anyone else found themselves playing the mission Playing Judas over and over again trying to survive only to get blown up while shouting at their ship to jump to subspace before getting blown up?


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Re: Can't seem to survive the end of "Playing Judas"
Drop power from guns and try to outrun the Manticores, instead of trying to jump out as fast as you can. You should be faster than them and they won't kill you from four kilometers away.
Also, you can try to dogfight them and shot them down (like I did), but this is very difficult and you have to be a really good pilot (or play on Easy) to pull it off.


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Re: Can't seem to survive the end of "Playing Judas"
I'm pretty sure the Manticores are actually faster.  Especially since the Dragon in that mission has a crippled afterburner.

The Dragon is more maneuverable though, so dogfighting is possible.  However, the best solution is probably to wind your way through the Lucifer superstructure to confuse the AI and its collision detection, then jump out.

Protip: Your speed is adjusted to 40 +/- 2 when you jump, so try getting it as close as possible to 40 before you actually hit Alt-J.


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Re: Can't seem to survive the end of "Playing Judas"
When I'm in that situation I usually use Goob's suggestion, but also a good thing to do is charge the manticores (if you're playing on <Hard) and make them do a double take and turn around, giving you a few seconds to hit your drives.
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Re: Can't seem to survive the end of "Playing Judas"
It turns out what I'd been doing wrong was trying to outrun the Manticores.  This time around I turned around and engaged them and then jumped while they were flying around trying to get a clear shot at me.