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FSPort Is Hiring Testers
The title really says it all, we are looking for a few people to serve as dedicated testers for FSPort.

What we need is someone who:

  • Dedicated to play missions often to test features and bugfixes
  • Has a working knowledge of the FSO mod structure
  • Will be seriously committed to the team especially just before version release

What you get:

  • Access to the latest and greatest updates on SVN
  • My friendship

It's no secret that FSPort has often been plagued by bugs and we are seriously trying to fix them and bring you the cleanest modpack possible. We need your help. We are a major mod with a small team, which is why we need YOU (See Uncle Sam).

Post here or PM me with your "resume".
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Re: FSPort Is Hiring Testers

I'm already on board with this, but there are already a lot of other things that I'm juggling, so mostly I'm "Guido Support" for mjn.mixael.

I would like to HIGHLY encourage that people take advantage of the Hard-Light Mantis (it's linked up there in the top NAV bar for the forums) for reporting FSPort/ST:R and FSPort-MediaVPs problems.

While forum reports are all well and nice, the Mantis is a collective "checklist" place where we can look once and see what is still open or un-addressed, which is FAR faster and easier than trawling the forums trying to find a semi-remembered mention of an issue.

If you don't use Mantis, I will not like you at all.
Report MediaVP issues, now on the MediaVP Mantis! Read all about it Here!
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Re: FSPort Is Hiring Testers
Bump for attention...