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Hey guys, just downloaded your awesome mod but i encountered a major bug, everytime i will jump to base  after successfully playing the The Darkness and the Light mission my Game crahes

help me please :(

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Looks like you are playing with a non-english version of the game.

That's usually the issue with this problem.
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(Booted to Port folder.)

Yep, we've had a few people with the German version of the game experience this recently.  Here's the longest thread on the issue.  There was never a definitive solution provided, though you should be able to click Cancel through the error message and keep playing.  Let me poke around the Wiki and see if I can come up with a better solution. :)

Edit: Okay...let's see if this fixes things.  Download the attached table file, and plop it in the folder FreeSpace2/fsport/data/tables.  You'll probably have to create those two folders yourself.

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file did not hlpe me but thanks anyway