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FreeSpace Port 3.4 + FSPort Media VPs Release!
Version 3.5 has been released!  Please click through to here.

Freespace Port 3.4 + FSPort Media VPs Release

FSPort 3.4 has gone through quite a bit of rigorous debugging and testing.  Many thanks to Mjn.Mixael, Yarn, and Zacam for their valiant work squashing the various bugs and incompatibilities.  This version of the Port should be the most stable yet.  Thanks also to Dan Wentz for providing an entirely new remix of the FS1 soundtrack to use!  (The original FS1 soundtrack is still present if you prefer the classic music.)

New upgrades and enhancements include:
  • Lots of table, and interface fixes
  • Shivan craft now use Shivan variants of secondary weapons
  • Add the SF Manticore to the tech database in the main campaign
  • The Taranis and Ramses now attack each other properly in sm1-09
  • Delta wing now sends an update message in sm2-07
  • Miscellaneous other fixes of mission and compatibility bugs
  • Conversion of TGA files to DDS
  • Additional HTL models
  • Dan Wentz's remixed FS1 soundtrack ;7
  • HUD fixes for FSO
  • Etc.

As always FSPort remains retail compatible but optimized for Freespace Open. This release is fully compatible with FSO 3.6.18 and the 3.6.12 MediaVPs, with its own graphical enhancements package!

Core Downloads

You may download version 3.4 automatically using The FreeSpace Open Installer or manually via the links below.

Place all the contents of these zipped files info a folder in your 'games/freespace2' directory called 'fsport'
EX: All the files should be in 'games/freespace2/fsport'

Root - FSMods
VP MD5: B09467B6CF4D9F5EA1D7F94575ADD52C
Missions - FSMods
VP MD5: F4F5B5595E5A1C6868B84F5D1B4A62AD
Sparky - FSMods
VP MD5: 94CC0D8B2B2FE33838B030DF231978B8
Stu - FSMods
VP MD5: D8ECC77584A08A1225E83C27E16ACF79
Tango - FSMods
VP MD5: D7275748847D224780DC3D6DAA07D079
Odeon - FSMods
VP MD5: 5780510F694F037382FBA87AD1DFAA2C
Warble - FSMods
VP MD5: D849815EAA0A868D443B9F8272DEABA0

NOTE: The "odeon" and "warble" packs provide the classic FS1 cutscenes and music, respectively.  If you would like to use MjnMixael's remastered FS1 cutscenes or Dan Wentz's remastered music, see below.

Optional Downloads

The FSPort Media VP makes everything pretty, and the music VP contains the remixed version of the FS1 soundtrack that Dan Wentz provided specially for HLP. Both are optional, but highly recommended!
Place all the contents of these zipped file into 'games/freespace2/fsport-mediavps'
EX: All the files should be in 'games/freespace2/fsport-mediavps'

FSPort-MediaVPs - FSMods
VP MD5: 1F9958C47D634AC98B977CCEB53D4F40
FSPort-MediaVPs Music (Dan Wentz's Remixed FS1 Music) - FSMods
VP MD5: 2D79582C1FB8CC2C54639B7C1CD12B66
MjnMixael's Cutscenes - HLP (separate thread)

These are the hi-res Command Brief Anims. They are big, but they are awesome. Highly recommended!
Place all the contents of this zipped file info a folder in your 'games/freespace2' directory called 'fsport'
EX: All the files should be in 'games/freespace2/fsport'

Tango_hi1_fs1 - FSMods
VP MD5: 76B3E97848C0201B748ED0C146AACBE3
Tango_hi2_fs1 - FSMods
VP MD5: 6B9C600369A0307F0F4254EE44D37EFA
Tango_hi3_fs1 - FSMods
VP MD5: EA498B04DD662FAD8F99B9596245C801
Tango_hi4_fs1 - FSMods
VP MD5: 85F118A4F01A0715513DA8B4E8C92810
Tango_hi5_fs1 - FSMods
VP MD5: 2D6D24A9C5BC071AF01A3153A17C71B6


Retail FS2 (NOT FS2 Open): You must have retail FreeSpace 2 installed. Unpack the required packages to your Freespace2 directory. Make a new pilot, and go to the Campaign Room to select a FreeSpace Port campaign. To return to the FS2 campaign, run DisableFSPort.bat. To turn FSPort back on, run EnableFSPort.bat. To remove the mod, run RemoveFSPort.bat. The readme should help answer the most common questions.

FS2 Open: Delete, move, or rename your current FSPort and FSPort MediaVP directories. Unpack the zip packages into your 'games/freespace2/fsport' and 'games/freespace2/fsport-mediavps' directories. Then select either of those folders from the MOD tab of the Launcher.
If you are using the FSPort Media VPs, be sure that you have the official FreeSpace 2 3.6.12 MediaVPs installed in 'mediavps_3612' and you're using FSO 3.6.18 Final or newer.

Recent enhancements to FSO should take care of disallowing the choice of the FreeSpace 2 campaign when running the Port, but you may want to choose between the various supported campaigns.  Until FSO version 3.7.0 is out, though, you should use a separate pilot for FSPort campaigns or you may encounter strange errors.


A host of FreeSpace 1 campaigns have been ported to run on the FreeSpace Port, and there are many acclaimed campaigns developed exclusively for this mod! Have you played them all?

Silent Threat: Reborn and voice acting

Awakenings and voice acting

Cardinal Spear and voice acting

Destiny of Peace and voice acting

More FreeSpace Port campaigns on

Disclaimer: Not all these campaigns have been tested with this version of the FreeSpace Port and MediaVPs. Please contact the FreeSpace Campaign Restoration Project if updates are needed.


Big, big thanks to everyone who contributed to this, including Galemp, Goober5000, Mjn.Mixael, Cobra, Tarvis, Thaeris, VasudanAdmiral, IceyJones, Admiral Nelson, Hellstryker, Flaming Sword, Aardwolf, Dark, DTP, the SCP Team, the whole FreeSpace Community and especially Volition, for starting it all.

Discussion thread HERE!


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