Author Topic: Getting Toasted in Cardinal Spear: Stealing Thunder (mission 3)  (Read 1394 times)

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Getting Toasted in Cardinal Spear: Stealing Thunder (mission 3)
I've been playing the Cardinal Spear re-release using fs2 open build 3.7.1 (a nightly build) and I'm finding Cardinal Spear mission 3 totally impossible.

I'm supposed to disable and disarm a Typhon class Destroyer.  I'm playing this on Medium difficulty.

The problem is that I just don't seem to stand a chance against this thing.  The initial waves of Anubis fighters completely wipe out Alpha wing (except me) during their first pass.  Beta wing completely fails to disable and disarm the Typhon, even if I try to babysit them as much as possible.  Taking matters into my own hands didn't help much either.  While I can take out the Weapons subsystem, the Typhon has a horrendous amount of weaponry and I can't ever seem to take out all its turrets before an Anubis eventually kills me.

What's really frustrating is that I found a Let's Play video online for someone playing the same mission here: and this guy just blows up a couple of Anubis fighters, is then no longer harassed (I often have 3 Anubis fighters attacking me simultaneously), does some damage to the Typhon engine, and meanwhile Beta wing seems to take care of the rest without the player needing to do anything further until the Typhon is disabled and disarmed.

What am I missing here?  Am I supposed to do things in a different order, or did the re-release somehow make this mission way harder by making Beta wing really stupid?

Edit: I'm using FSPort 3.4 and MediaVPS 2014
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Re: Getting Toasted in Cardinal Spear: Stealing Thunder (mission 3)
Ok, there's definitely something wrong here.  I lowered the difficulty to easy - now I was able to Disable the Typhon, as well as completely disarm it (destroyed the weapon system and every turret) - but the trigger for the Disarming never went off, and the Typhon just kept spawning wings until all my wingmen were killed, and I followed suit some time after.

Any idea what's wrong here?


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Re: Getting Toasted in Cardinal Spear: Stealing Thunder (mission 3)
I tried a few tests with 3.6.18 / 3.7.1 and mediavps 3612/2014 on Easy in the techroom.  I managed to complete it just by destroying fighters and leaving the disarm/disable to Beta/Gamma Wing, so I'm not sure if there's an issue or not.  FWIW it (subjectively) felt a bit harder with the mediavps_2014 active.
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Re: Getting Toasted in Cardinal Spear: Stealing Thunder (mission 3)
Huh.  Something definitely isn't triggering for me though.  I can confirm that the ship was showing as 'Disabled', the Weapon Subsystem was destroyed, and no more turrets where being selected when I hit the 'next live turret' command, but the mission didn't continue.

I'll try it with a different nightly build, perhaps that's what's causing the problem.

Re: Getting Toasted in Cardinal Spear: Stealing Thunder (mission 3)
Tried a different, newer daily build and it works fine now.  Weird.  I played all through FSPort with no problems, but somehow the daily build I was using must have broken that 'disarm' part of the mission.  Oh well, it's working again, which is great.  On to Cardinal Spear: Vega!