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so what's to become of me?

:confused: :sigh:

what's going on here?


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Originally posted by Hunt Smacker
It's surprising actually how long F2S has been around (2 and a half years), and yet hardly anyone knows it even exists.

Ironically, the loss and probable "F2S IS FINALLY BACK!" threads all over the community will probably be the best publicity you could get
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LOL, your probably right. Most of the original publicity we had came from the original Volition Forum, and Freespace Watch.
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Okay Stealth. I'm going to find an admin to give you Port forum moderation powers and an avatar. I'll also give you FTP access to the Port webspace so you can update as needed. (It's not been changed in 3 months.) I'm too busy to do anything except that. I mean, really. I am insanely busy.

I'll stop in once in a while but don't expect me to do anything once school starts.
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ok, just let me know