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I see what you did there
Finally had the time to start playing through the new Silent Threat Reborn
So I'm just playing last night and had to do a double take when I saw this:

I've got to ask - who thought of that one?


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Re: I see what you did there
That was done by Galemp. :)  Both he and I left many different Easter Eggs throughout the campaign.  See how many more you can find!

(Incidentally, why take a picture of your computer screen and then put it back on your computer?  Why not take a screenshot?)
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Re: I see what you did there
Well, it was 1:30AM when i took that shot, and I really didn't feel like looking up the button (s) for a screenshot, and my phone was right there so...

Re: I see what you did there
I do not get this... what is so special about that designation?
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Re: I see what you did there
I had to look it up, too.   :)  It's a reference to the protagonist in Descent.
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Re: I see what you did there
MD stands for Mine Dropper. ;)
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