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Strategies for Forced Hand on insane
I am currently trying to beat this mission on insane (just like I did for all the other missions in FSport and ST:R so far).
I am waiting for command the signal to attack. Destroying the engine subsystem is no problem. Handling the wave of Lokis on the other hand, that's hardly manageable.

If I go bomber, no way I can destroy them. The Loki just shreds me in pieces before I can even aim them. Evading is no option since they are faster than me.

If I go fighter (Valkyrie for example), it's still a 1v3 that I cannot handle very well.

If my full wing went fighter, I *could* stand a chance, but then I just wouldn't have enough firepower to destroy the engine subsystem in time.

So I'm a bit stuck in this mission. You should have seen my reaction when approaching the fighter bay of the Repulse only to see 2 waves of 4 Lokis coming out.. Alpha 1 or not, no wing of 4 fighters/bombers can handle 8 untargettable Lokis on their own. If the 4 fighters were real players, then maybe, but with A.I. it just seems impossible to me.

Did anyone manage to beat this mission on insane ? What strategies did you use ?

Re: Strategies for Forced Hand on insane
Full Athena wing, double avenger, topbank Stilettos, lower bank synaptic for wingmen and furies for the player.
Order wing to attack engines, form behind them, launch all stilletos in single fire mode when they start firing.
Switch to furies, kill the Lokis, call for rearm. Use single-launch stilletos or primaries to pick off turrets. Order wing to disarm, deal with fighters when necessary.
You can also try decreasing radar range to 2k, this will help you notice when the Lokis are nearby and help dogfight without getting distracted by other enemies.

STR is overall fairly balanced on insane as it was playtested on it unlike many older campaigns where 'balance on difficulties other than medium' was never given a second thought. You should be able to beat every mission on it if you fly hard and pick the right loadouts.
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