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Controller Order Win10?
I just upgraded to Windows 10 and not it seems I am in controller hell.  I have several controllers on my system (my simpit) and up till now I used Vjoy to combine some of them so they would be seen in Freespace 2 since Vjoy was seen as the first controller. Now in WIn10 is has mixed up my list and Vjoy is down the list to #5. 

Has anyone seen a way to reorder controllers in Win10?  Apparently Win10 does not use the Vendor ID to order the list.


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Re: Controller Order Win10?
Maybe try this?


Just for information only

If you run multiple controllers and use Vjoy with Windows 10 then devreorder is your best option to get Vjoy in the top 4 slots since for me Windows 10 scrambled all 7 of mine and put the Vjoy an stick at 5 and 7

All is working well now

Since you posted this in another thread, I guess it worked out for you! :)  I'll add this to the joystick FAQ.
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