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General Battuta:
Released campaigns, in chronological order:

* Age of Aquarius and its discussion thread
* War in Heaven Acts 1-3 and theirdiscussion thread
Background Information
bridging Age of Aquarius and War in Heaven:

* The Reunion
* The Balance of Power
* The Rift
* Project Nagari
* What is Ubuntu/Federation FAQ
* A History of Martian Terraforming
* The Other Side - Sol System Economics
* Canonical references for Blue Planet concepts (read before posting questions!)
set during War in Heaven:

* Conversations from War in Heaven
* Conversations from Tenebra
* Forces Deployed in the Sol Theater
* The Dreamscape Dialogues (Tenebra spoilers!)
Hilarious Development SNAFUs

* Epic Bughunt Claims Sanity, Human Blood
* Relatively Trivial Bug Claims Lulz, Battuta's Hair
* Enigma Death Bug Pulverizes Battuta's Skeleton, Relationships
Where we talk amongst ourselves

* The WiH developer commentary
Models and other stuff

* Custos-class Patrol Cruiser
* Erebus-class Destroyer
Credits, Music, and Extras

* War in Heaven Credits
* War in Heaven OST by Belisarius
* Blue Planet on the FreeSpace Wiki
* Battuta's short story "Morrigan in the Sunglare"
* Battuta's second short story "Morrigan in Shadow"
Click 'em all![/list]

Did you remove the database/gallery section from the website?

Or is it just not loading properly  :doubt:

General Battuta:

--- Quote from: Aardwolf on August 14, 2010, 04:46:04 pm ---Did you remove the database/gallery section from the website?

Or is it just not loading properly  :doubt:

--- End quote ---

It's being overhauled.

Sorry for necropost but it's stickied anyway.

Shouldn't Vassago's Dirge be listed here? Aesaar said it was BP canon.

BP has seen to take elements of Vassago's Dirge and integrate it into the story. But Vassago was not made to be a Blue Planet campaign. In fact it was made before I had even joined the BP team and played War in Heaven.


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