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Mechcommander Omnitech's recruiting office is now hiring more mercenaries


Hello Folks,

Yes, you guessed it, this is a call for more members.  Like every other mod we need more people to do stuff quicker. And as all other mods too, we will need coders, modellers, UV-Mappers and 2D Artists (sorry, no mission designers at this point)

Can you qualify ? Let's check it out :

What you really need to participate is the following, and I cannot value that high enough.


Yes, that's technically all. Of course it will be handy and more than welcome, if you have already some experience. If not, that's not that bad either. That doesn't mean you can't qualify.

In the welcome posts, I have written what we are doing here. A higher poly, better textured and more code enhanced version of the old mechcommander 2. Now close your eyes, and imagine how it could look. Do you want this game ? Would you really, and I mean REALLY REALLY WANT TO PLAY THAT GAME, and would you be willing to invest work and quite some of your spare time to get your hands on this game ?

Investing work to play, is like investing money to play it. You offer something, to receive something you want. Working in a mod means really "WORK". It doesn't get payed, though it's not that much stressing as real work (which is payed for that :) ). And the enthusiam is simply needed to continue and keep yourself motivated if you have a downfall. The reason why I point this out so much is this : It is great if you are a big fan. But if you drop in, ask questions, get people distracted because we try to teach you, and then you leave after two weeks after recognizing that there is really work involved, you just wasted our time. That's not meant in a harsh way, it's just a simple fact.

When I joined serious modding (I don't know how many years back (at WCS) ) I was a crappy modeller, and a even more crappy texturer and had only limited knowledge to Freespace modding. But I had enthusiam, and in all these years I had the finished game before my eyes and wanted to play it. And thats what was keeping me at bay all these years.

Do you think you can take on this quest while thinking of the cool finished game ? Then please read further :) If not, don't worry. Some day, we will get finished and release it, but don't ask "when"

If you have that will, it doesn't really matter how good your moddeling or texturing skill is at this point. Because you are willing to learn it (that's what I request). The internet is full of photoshop tutorials, or modelling tutorials and there are team members to help you. And the more you create, the better you become. The same of course counts for coders. It's as simple as that. Period. The only other thing important is, that you must be able to take constructive critic. It's never easy when someone nags about your work, but you need to take that into account. Besides, I have a little habbit of being a perfectionist, so take that into account too :)

Also, the good thing is, no one here expect you to make a 50.000 Poly mech or building. You can start more lowpoly. Take a look at this :

Isn't it great, sexy ? Yes ! But it's over 30K polygons, looks neat, but a totally waste of resources and time to build and texture it and totally unusable for our course. This is a RTS, not a Simulator or Shooter

Take a look at this :

It has only lousy 1600 Polyons, but imagine it textured and with normal maps. Got it ? So don't be afraid to start modelling :)

So, enough of "what do I need to know and do if I want to enter a mod team". (Most of what I said counts for all teams btw). Do you see yourself as a member of this project ? We would be happy to welcome you. Just post here, or contact me via PM.

We need most important coders and UV-Mappers, but every help is welcome. 2D, 3D, Mission making, you name it.

Looking forward to your application :)

Best regards

Hey all,

I have been creating Mechcommander for my TI-92 calculator and wondered if my 400 mechs would be helpful to you.

I will attempt to attach many of them here.

(You have to sign-in to view the pics attached to this post.)

[attachment kidnapped by pirates]

I know it's a ton of work -
30 drawings animations each = 10,500 total
plus coding, stats, effects, etc.

Good news = you already have over 120 done.

Ahh... impossible dreams.

Hi, I can make textures and 2D art as well as skins for the mechs.

The request is from 2011  :pimp:


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