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Mechwarrior 5 ???????

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On my search for some images I found this :

Does anyone here (russian people especially) know anything about this project / game ? From the models, some terrain and especially some buildings this looks like a highly enhanced Mechwarrior 4 engine ? Though it seems to be from 2001/2002  :confused:

there was some buzz about it on here a while ago here

also try
and unfortunatly

No, I don't think that's related to each other. The russion one is much older, and as I said reminds of MW 4 due to some models

Raven IIC:
I am russian. This page seems quite familiar. I think these are just pictures done by 2D/3D artists. I've also seen most of these pictures on

Somehow it looks to me like a MW4 clone with added bump or normalmaps (which would be really great, I never liked the old comic engine) :)


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