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MechCommander 2.5 and multiplayer missions (Coop)

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Cypher Dasarian:

Sorry if this has already been discussed but I couldn't find anything about it.

It's my understand that the MC2 source code didn't include multiplayer, how is this going to effect this project?  Will it be possible to make multiplayer coop missions/campaigns?  I was really really bummed when I found out the newer Wolfman release of this game based on the source code didn't have multiplayer, it really killed the potential of this game for me and my friends.  I really hope this works out!

Thanks for answering my questions


At the moment, all we can say is that multiplayer is on our list of wanted projectgoals. If, and when the multiplayer code will be restored can unfortunately not being answered at this point of the development. It really depends on the complexity of the issue, and the amount of time the current and future coders can invest into that issue.

Honestly, it's not really quite on top of the list yet. First off all, I want the graphic and functionality enhanced. But the multiplayer code will certainly not be forgotten :)

Sorry for not having any better news for you at this time :(


(edit) I might be mistaken, but if you and your friends do own the disk version, try MC 2.5 with it. AFAIK Magic tried to stay compatible with the retail. At least at this early point of development, there is a chance that it's still working. But the more our work grows, the more grows the gasp to the retail, so sooner or later it would break anyway.

Cypher Dasarian:
NOOO!! I was afraid of that!
It's so lame that Microsoft couldn't give us the's like they wanted to torture us poor mech fans by giving us a ray of hope with a bag of **** at the end.

Thanks for answering my questions!

Apparently the multiplayer code is still in the source code just blocked out

Gotta chime in my disappointment with this too - I was really excited at originally hearing the source code has been released (and now how much it's actively being worked on) since this meant there was a chance the game might have proper co-op play some day, but I'm definitely surprised to hear that the network code portion was annexed.

That said however I'm glad to hear this functionality is somewhere on your roadmap and will be hoping this doesn't prove too tough to re-integrate.


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