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Here's what you need to start playing Starshatter. First, if you haven't already, create a folder C:\Games. Now download the following files.

Full Game 521.04 MB

New Starshatter.exe Mirror 2.1 MB

Starshatter Reborn (effects mod) 35 MB

Unzip the full game to C:\Games. Now you have a folder C:\Games\Starshatter The Gathering Storm. Open up this folder and delete the player.cfg and video.cfg files. The game will recreate these files when you run the game the first time.

Next unzip Starshatter into C:\Games\Starshatter The Gathering Storm and say yes to overwrite. Here's the release info for the contents of the zip.

Now unzip SS_Reborn.7z into C:\Games\Starshatter The Gathering Storm\Mods. This is an effects mod that also has a few fixes for things like carriers.

Right click Starshatter.exe and create a shortcut on the desktop. Right click the shortcut and select Properties. At the end of the target line add " -nosplash " (no quotes). This gets rid of the start up splash screen and speeds up the loading process. Set Compatibility to Windows XP SP2 and check the Disable Desktop Composition box. This fixes a problem with the cursor not reaching the bottom of the screen.

Now fire up the game and navigate to the options screen and change the resolution and whatever else you prefer. Some screen resolutions won't be available so if this is the case find the video.cfg in C:\Games\Starshatter The Gathering Storm and edit it with notepad. Afterwards right click on video.cfg and set it to Read Only. This will keep your resolution from changing every time you enable a mod.

Go into Mod Config and select SS Reborn and hit Enable. Hit Accept and restart the game.

Look in C:\Games\Starshatter The Gathering Storm\Manuals for the game manual.


In order to run, Starshatter Open needs the MSVC 2010 redistributable installed and DirectX updated to latest.

Links for the Redistributable:
x86 version:
x64 version:

DirectX web installer:

Reserved for mods

Question for people that have vox.7z from the gameupdates torrent.

Vox.dat is included in the full game download in the OP.  The SS_Reborn that's listed in the torrent is an old version though. You should download the one in the OP.

Edit: Ok, I just scrolled down and saw your question. The answer is yes vox.dat has to go into C:\Games\Starshatter The Gathering Storm.

Thanks. :)


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