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--- Quote from: Thaeris on July 28, 2014, 02:43:26 am ---
--- Quote from: TheHound on April 21, 2014, 06:44:02 pm ---Ok, heres the dear which pisses me off.

Whenever i complete my mission, i signal Archon to return to base, i get clearing, i get out my landing gear, and confirm my landing.
When im in the fighter bay, camera turns like it was about to finish the mission, but it doesnt, i still controll the ship, and if i don't stop, i just crash into the carrier, dying and failing the mission.

Really bad thing....

--- End quote ---

This is a bit tricky, but I'd call this a feature, and not a bug. But, I do think you ought to have the option of disabling the feature if you don't like it. It might also be nice to have a manual "tower view" mode attached to this feature. Therefore, if you disable the "automatic tower view mode" on final approach, you can still manually toggle it.

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I'll look into making an auto land feature for the fighter.  But I find too many computer controlled fighters love smacking into the rear hull of a ship if the landing bay is in front...

I do know that friendly fighters have a tendency to smack into the carrier from time to time - I don't know how much of this is due to the "ship design" code or just the AI code. Otherwise, the ship subsystem settings in the given .def files may have been poorly done - without the carrier fix mod (which I'm not sure is commonly available by itself anymore), fighters AND the player alike tend to smack into the hangar rather than dock, which is a huge problem. The mod fixes this by means of editing/overriding the said .def files. Furthermore, I do have a copy of wdboyd's flight deck tutorial if you need it - this was originally available as the "Modder's Toolkit" before the original Starshatter fan site went down. I might even have the old download file for that particular package as well, if anyone needs it.

I have the wdboyd tutorial.  Wish I had the source code changes so I can reintegrate it.


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