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The E:
I _think_ that's more of an oversight or feature request than a bug. Not that it matters, I'll add it to the bug list.


--- Quote from: The E on June 06, 2012, 08:42:20 am ---I _think_ that's more of an oversight or feature request than a bug. Not that it matters, I'll add it to the bug list.

--- End quote ---

Agreed. I wasn't sure where to post it though and this seemed like the best match. Thank you for adding it to your list. One particular member over at SSC seems to really like being in charge of flight ops and this flaw is particularly bothersome for him. I told him I would refer it to the coding team for consideration.

I'm not sure if this is a bug, but I'm having some graphics problems. I am now on my home gaming system instead of my laptop. When I first ran Starshatter this morning it was running at the native resolution setting of my computer which is 1920X1080. I realised that I did not have SSreborn enabled so I enabled it in the mods config section. For some reason my screen resolution changed to 800X600 and now I am completely unable to get it back to 1920X1080. I copied the SSreborn.dat from my laptop which has a max resolution of1024X768 which is what SS now keeps reverting to on my other system. I disabled and then deleted Ssreborn.dat and then reinstalled the newest version of Starshatter, but that did not fix the problem. I thought that Starshatter was now supposed to automatically match the setting of the computer it was installed on, but mine is not doing that for some reason. Any suggestions??

The E:
Did you run the debug executable by accident? Because that one is hardcoded to only run in 800x600.

No, I'm running the correct exe. Just double checked. I'm running Starshatter.exe not the Starshatter_D.exe. I just used an old trick to get my resolution back where I want it. I manually edited the video.cfg and then set it to read only. That appears to have gotten me back to 1920X1080 even though on the config screen it says the game is running in 1024X768. I verified the res by taking a snapshot in game and when I loaded it up in irfanview it did indeed say that the screen shot was 1920X1080. Here is the strange part though. Any time I make ANY changes now in any of the options screens it immediately changes to 800X600 res and I can tell it has actually change just by looking at teh screen. When I exit and restart though it is back where it should be. Is this how it is supposed to run or do I have somethign screwed up? When I go to the video options, the highest res available is 1600X1050 or somethign like that. I know that in a previous version I could select 1920X1080. It's not a big deal because I am able to get it running at the res I want, butit might be a pain for new players to have to go through the video.cfg manual edit.


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