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Tutorial: How to bypass FS's capship damage scaling

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No, he isn't, there's this annoying bug that pops up sometimes that reduces player damage like he just said

I haven't encountered it much myself but when it does it's actually quite annoying. I haven't encountered various degrees of it: it's not much but it's pretty noticeable when you're trying to kill bombers like the SB Seraphim and SB Nephilims.

That sounds highly irritating.

Qent: doesn't seem like it should need much of a tutorial.

But against Seraphim? How does that work?

On topic: that method is pretty cool. Without it I would have added a shockwave.

That solution affects all player weapons. This one only affects specific weapons, allowing for greater control.

They are completely separate issues. is, I think, what Battuta was referring to, and only applies to non-huge weapons.

--- Quote from: Apollo on March 23, 2013, 10:48:16 pm ---This is significant because it allows small ships to utilize weapons with the "big ship" flag. It can also be used to bypass engine restrictions so that the AI will target fighters with "huge" weapons.

Either of these flags allow a weapon to destroy warships with the "big damage" flag.

--- End quote ---
Either one? I didn't know that.


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