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General Battuta:

B L U E  P L A N E T
From our odyssey into Hell, we have returned with a gift: the Ancient technology to build a portal between Delta Serpentis and Sol.

To restore the link to our blue planet.

To return home after all these years.

Fifty years ago, the Shivans devastated our worlds and cut us off from Earth. Eighteen years ago we struck back, and met disaster. Our economy in shambles, our people ready to revolt, we once again find ourselves on the edge of extinction.

Now we look homeward. The GTVA 14th Battlegroup will spearhead the effort to re-establish contact with Earth.

The FreeSpace story continues. Join us.


Experience the saga. Follow the clues. To find the truth you'll need to master military theory, cosmology, and the art of killing. All you risk losing are your friends, your loved ones, your sanity, your free will, and any hope for the future of intelligent life.


You can't go back. Face down ruthless, intelligent Fury AI. Fight alongside — and against — devastating warships that finally behave like titans with thousands of people aboard. Fly capital ships, command entire fleet battles, win the trust and love of your comrades, and confront a fate worse than death in the spaces of your own mind.


Starring fleets of next-generation warships, painstakingly balanced weapons and fighters built on cutting-edge mechanics, and a professional voice cast backed by our own community's talented and enthusiastic amateurs!


Get involved! At the heart of Blue Planet is the internet's most active, intellectually challenging FreeSpace discussion. Raise theories, debate tactics, interact with the game universe, and help shape future installments. Discover other amazing campaigns. You'll make everything better. Never stop posting!


* More than fifty missions. Hours of music and voice acting. A story that was named 'the best military science fiction of the year' in 2014. This is the world of Blue Planet.

* Age of Aquarius. Begin the story with 2007's smash hit, fully voice acted and lovingly retuned. Join the 14th Battlegroup on a desperate flight through a nightmare of burnt rock, cold fire, and horrifying visions. Give up your humanity to save everything you love. Keep an eye out for new story content, hidden secrets, rebalanced weapons, and hints of what's to come!

* War in Heaven: Part 1. The war will change you forever. Bloody yourself in a dark, militant psychological drama. Fly some of the most beloved missions ever made, from social battles to epic fleet fights. Now fully voice acted by a professional cast, rebalanced, rebuilt, and packed with new content!

* War in Heaven: Part 2. Push yourself to the limits of morality to discover the truth. Take on strange and dizzying new missions alongside the elite of the elite. Hang out with your comrades and prep for the next mission in the Dreamscape, now featuring integrated training. Expanded, revamped, rewritten, and ready to hunt.

* FreeSpace Blue: Replay the classic FreeSpace 2 campaign with retuned weapon balance and enhanced missions. Join us in identifying tweaks and changes we can make.

We owe this community an enormous debt, and we are tremendously grateful to all of you for your help, support, and advice. Blue Planet is a labor of love, and we hope that you enjoy playing it as much as we've enjoyed building it. We owe special thanks to our fellow modders and to the Source Code Project and FreeSpace Upgrade Project teams for their patience and generosity.

I get really bad performance! How can I make the game smoother?

Disable shadows in the launcher's graphics settings. If that doesn't work, turn off deferred lighting too.

The voices are too loud/quiet

Adjust your audio settings by pressing F2.

I want to talk about Blue Planet!

Join us in the forum discussion!

General Battuta:
Installing Blue Planet

Go to the 'explore' tab and locate Blue Planet. Install, launch the game, and have fun!

General Battuta:
This space intentionally left blank!

Where is Act 3 in WIH ?
I have reinstalled everyting but there is still Act 1- Act 2

Ok so in your Campaign Select screen there should be 2 WiH Campaigns, that is all there is currently.


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