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Hello all,

Real life activities and responsibilities have taken me out of the Sci-fi gaming and modding scene for a number of years. That situation has been resolved. I just wanted to stop in here and see if anything was going on with Starshatter open source. It appears that work has stopped or at least if it hasn't people are not posting about it anymore. Does anyone know if there is anyone still working on this project or is it truly dead. Thanks for any info.


I lurked for a long while, and have made a few small updates to my own local copy to fix some small memory and texture issues, as well as experiment with silly ideas that ultimately didn't work. But i don't think anyone has publicly been doing anything major as far as updates.

I still dabble in modding here and there (perpetually working on trying to turn a Warhammer 40k mod into some kind of real thing), and I threw up a website to collect and archive all the MODS that i could find so the handful that find the game could download them. But like most things in my adult life, its little bits of play in between trying to manage other things.
i would love to see some more work done on the game (if anything just to open up some of the graphic/performance limitations), but realistically, I think what is there is what is there.

Thank you for getting back to me and for sharing the link to your website. I am curious as to what  memory and texture issues you were able to fix. I also have a site dedicated to modding Starshatter. You are more than welcome to join us there if you like. It's basically just myself and another guy but we are trying to get back into modding the game. Here is a link if you'd like to check the site out.

My C++ programming skills are non-existant, so it was a bunch of fumbling around, but I was having issues with running out of texture memory on model imports that had a lot of small textures, so I bumped up the memory limits for that. I also ran into z-fighting texture flickering on large sized models when the camera was pulled out far, so I adjusted the precision amount to reduce that and got rid of most of the flicker. And then just a bunch of tweaks to increase weapon counts of ship systems and small stuff like that.

Nothing too major.
Mostly small little nagging things that I ran into.

OH yes. I have run into that problem with the annoying flickering on very large models many times. I have never been able to fix it though. Do you have a new version of Starshatter that corrects that available for download?


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