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Hi there, hello,
For past months I've been tinkering with the Starshatter source code. Amount of time I put into it varies, with peaks here and there and times of inactivity, especially in the community-involvement part. I've been mainly writing small update posts on spacesimcentral and my personal blog. I also got in touch with starshattermods. Time has come to write here, after my account got activated.
Now then, the long term goals for my little project are getting Starshatter build under Linux (which is a tremendous amount of work and includes moving away from DirectX), having some programming fun, and having some multiplayer fun, too.
So far, I have been making a steady progress towards small sub-goals. My current closest target milestone is a headless server built under MinGW without linking it to DirectX and minimizing reliance on WinAPI. As for what is done already:

* The building process has been remade completely and now uses CMake
* MinGW tool-chain is supported
* FoundationEx and NetEx have been updated to build under Linux
* Definitions have been imported into the repository
* Datafiles are now built as part of the regular builds and are included in the distribution
* Project structure and modules have been changed couple of times, but they are still quite fluid
* General improvements and moving towards POSIX, C and C++ standards in whatever files I work at that moment
* If you weren't sure if multiplayer worked previously - it does now and address+port binding has been changed a bit to avoid weird situations with multiple interfacesThe repository is located here:
I also created a small landing page for the project:

Now, one last thing, I call it a fork, but I don't want to really separate or steal a project from HLP. It's my own little thing that I decided to do and I'll be happy to integrate with this community. I hope you like it.

Hey, that's really cool what you're doing! I wish you the best in what you're doing, and I wish I had the skillset to join you. I do wish there was still a larger interest in this sim here, but at this point, you might be on your own. Otherwise, perhaps you can try to find the other coders on GitHub and work with them. If you want to catch some more help with this here, from those that can help [here], you might want to make a bit more noise when you update your blog, etc.

Again, thanks!

Yeah, it's a bit shame that the Starshatter community peaked at like 20 people and never went above it. Honestly, I don't think GitHub would magically help, as it didn't work out in last iteration (few years ago). I appreciate the good words! It's a bit quiet now, because I'm tinkering with other projects for now and planning my next moves here. I have some ideas that are intended exactly for making some noise, we'll see how they work out when we get to them. :)

That is actually a really cool webpage you put together there. Short, clear, to-the-point and informative. Just the name of this thread, well...    its weird  :rolleyes:


--- Quote from: Vidmaster on July 16, 2022, 07:14:18 am ---Just the name of this thread, well...    its weird  :rolleyes:

--- End quote ---
Which part? The fork? Or the ignore?  ;)


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