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Knossos bug after 4.7.1

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When attempting to play 4.7.1, I get "no executable was found for this mod."

Additionally, Blue Planet won't start up anymore.  I get "Launch Error with  FSO  Mod "FSO" >= 23.3.0-20231120" wasn't found!"


I tried a clean install and now get this:

Oh great that's a lovely cascade of errors.
I'll have to fix some of that on BP's end. I'm not sure why Knossos decided that BPC wants the latest MVPs when I explicitly told it not to. I'm also not sure why the FSU insists on using nightly builds. Please stand by.

Try now?

I tried earlier and it seemed to work... but then I added some more mods and tried again and it says "no executable found for this mod."


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