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Overblown lighting?


Hey BPers - just made a fresh install of BPC via Knossoss, and as I look at the game, briefings, cutscenes, I noticed the lighting is completely overblown. I tried 5 different lighting presets with no change whatsoever. Attached two screenshots. Any ideas what's wrong? Or is this how it's supposed to look like now?

I can't replicate that look at all.

As an example, this is how the first mission of WiH is supposed to look like:

--- Quote --- I tried 5 different lighting presets with no change whatsoever.
--- End quote ---
Lighting presets? We don't really do those anymore. My first suggestion would be to scrub any of those from your command line and try again.

If that doesn't do anything... please post your fs2_open.log file.  Instructions on how to do this can be found in this post.

haHA! It was the 'emissive light' option. Didn't realize it's something FS2 retail used, and FSO had an option to restore it. Ancient. Once removed, everything looks as it should. Thank you!

Oh, thanks for mentioning that! You're not the first person to have that option checked, so I need to remember that when somebody else comes in with the same issue.

(There used to be a "No emissive light" option, but that's the default now, and some FSO veterans get tripped up by it).


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